Seaweed Soup

Even busy Buddhists have free time! I’ve enjoyed watching a couple of Korean dramas where the protagonists always seem to have a favourite go-to dish. Seaweed Soup caught my attention as it seemed perfect for oryoki meals. I was surprised at how simple it was to make with just a few ingredients and how much […]

Zen River Cookbook Vol. 2 is now available!

At last! All the recipes since I started this blog have been turned into a recipe book. It’s taken a while to edit everything and format the book before being published via Amazon. If you want all the yummy recipes in one place, then please visit the Amazon store of your country to purchase the […]

Hot Sour Soup

During the Summer Monthlong sesshin in August 2021, we had to be careful to stay healthy and well. Despite all precautions the common cold still managed to sneak it’s way in, leaving a few people sneezing and snuffling and wondering if they were O.K. (They went for a COVID test which came back negative, just […]

Pan Con Tomate

This recipe came about as an alternative to cheese-on-toast. It was an instant success. The flavours remind me of summer breakfasts in Spain, with crusty bread, tomato pulp, and olive oil. Simplicity and perfection combined. But be sure to use the right kind of fleshy tomatoes for this to work well, as my Aunt Finella […]

Mandarin Cake with Orange Icing

This is a lovely cake for those wanting to dip into an orangey heaven filled with mandarin segments. Perfect for Cherry blossom season. 2 teaspoons chia seeds90 ml (6 tablespoons) boiling water100 g (½ cup) coconut oil110 g (½ cup) sugar½ teaspoon vanilla extract½ teaspoon orange zest175 g (¾ cup) canned mandarin segments¾ cup mandarin […]

Mini Pizza

Sometimes there are days you just got to make a small pizza for one, and there’s no recipe to be found for it. An easy recipe to multiply if you want to make for more than one small serving. 80 g (½ cup) flour 3 tablespoons warm water ½ teaspoon sugar ½ teaspoon yeast 1 […]

Almond Sage Dressing

This is a nutty and tangy dressing that goes great with both salads and oven-baked vegetables. Ingredients 75 g (½ cup) whole almonds120 ml (½ cup) water2 tablespoons olive oil1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar1 tablespoon honey1 teaspoon rubbed sageSalt and white pepper, to taste Method Whizz all the ingredients together in a food processor until smooth […]

Polish-Style Pancakes

My dad used to enjoy making these for tea when we were kids. (Tea means dinner in the UK if you were wondering.) This must have been one of those recipes that reminded him of his own childhood. He had emigrated from Poland to England after having served in Anders’ Army – under the command […]

“Strudelly” Apples

I love the taste of apples baked in an apple strudel but always found the pastry a tad too filling, and not something I wanted to take on at breakfast. So one morning I thought, how about just taking the apples and bake them on their own? It was delicious. This recipe also makes a […]

Pineapple Raita

Raita is an amazing versatile side-dish of Asian origin. When paired with chutney, it adds a tangy brightness to the spiciness and earthiness of a good curry. When poured over rice or salad, it gives them a sunny lightness. This fruity raita reminds me of the classic “cottage cheese with pineapple” that goes with anything […]