Apricot Rice

We love rice. And not just any-old-white-rice either. Forget “boil in the bag” varieties. There are oh so many kinds of delicious rice. Long grain; short grain; brown; red; and black. Basmati; sushi; wild; sticky; and jasmine just to name a few. (There are apparently over 40,000 world-wide.) Each one has their own specific flavour and character, […]

Carrot & Apple Soup

Margaret, a sangha member from the US, drops in once a year for Rohatsu sesshin. One time, she was helping me in the kitchen as I was preparing soup for the evening meal. There were lots of carrots on the counter, but was uncertain which way the soup wanted to go. Dill, curry, red pepper, coriander? She […]

Stir-Fried Tofu

Besides beans, lentils and nuts, tofu is one of the key protein ingredients used in many of the recipes at Zen River. How to prepare tofu is a big factor in getting it right. It doesn’t really taste much of anything in its pure form. So the trick is to prepare it in such a way that it has both texture […]

Coconut Snowflakes

The weather is warming up, spring is finally in the air and I find myself thinking of sandy beaches, palm trees and beach towels. Well, not quite. But the change in weather did conjure images of cooling and hydrating foods, and coconut happens to be one of them. Maybe that’s why these ended up on the coffee table the […]