Aromatic Carrot Salad

Carrots must be one of the most oft used vegetables in our kitchen. They seem to fuse with almost any dish – steamed, baked, braised, or fried; diced, slivered, sliced, or Julienned; Italian, Chinese, British, Dutch, or Japanese. And they also make wonderful salads. This is a particularly favoured one, with a nice Indian twist. In fact, the spices are […]

Creamy Carrot, Sweet Potato & Corn Soup

“Family Week” was a summer event that Zen River hosted for 12 years. The kids practiced how to sit zazen (meditate), chant the sutras during services and eat oryoki style meals – all mixed in with theatre plays, stage sets with costumes, painting, yoga and exercise, and a casual, fun talent show. Tenkei Roshi and […]

Chocolate Rocks

Chocolate Rocks. Decadent crunchy morsels with chocolate buttons melted through them. After testing the recipe three days in a row, Senko mentioned that if we would have to make them every day, no-one would really mind. Say no more… This is loosely based on an old recipe that was often used during World War II, as it used less sugar and eggs than […]