Zen River Cookbook Vol. 2 is now available!

At last! All the recipes since I started this blog have been turned into a recipe book. It’s taken a while to edit everything and format the book before being published via Amazon.

If you want all the yummy recipes in one place, then please visit the Amazon store of your country to purchase the book, either in print or digital.

Reviews for the Zen River Cookbook, Volume 2

Myoho Roshi has done it again!
Using the Zen principles of six tastes and five colours she has captured the flavours found throughout our global maha-sangha (great community). From Peru to Japan and many points in between, her artistic and masterful recipes create a pathway for everyone to enjoy a taste of the world right in their own home. Her passion for combining photos, recipes, stories and guides for conversion and substitution makes this, much more than a cookbook, it is a teaching.
Genpo Merzel Roshi, Founder of Kanzeon International Sangha, author of Big Mind / Big Heart and Spitting Out the Bones

In the much-anticipated second volume of Zen River Cookbook, Tammy Myoho writes, ‘I have learnt over time that precision and care always make for a more refined meal, even with carrots and onions.’ The precision and care taken with this wonderful treasury of inventive earth-friendly recipes are palpable on every page. Myoho invites us to enjoy flavours inspired by childhood favourites (Polish pancakes) and influences from around the world (from Tofu Tandoori to Gumbo with Tomatoes and Beans), offering up friendly stories, helpful tips, and encouragement for every cook no matter their level of experience.
Catherine Pages (Genno Roshi), Head Teacher, Dana Sangha, Paris.

Tammy Myoho’s Volume 2 of the Zen River Cookbook offers an expanded repertoire of her signature recipes from the Zen River Temple in the Netherlands. 
Her recipes are always innovative and delicious, but they are also well tested for their appeal, ease of preparation, and place in a well-balanced menu. This cookbook will inspire those cooking for groups, as well as anyone who wants to make a beautiful home-cooked meal. 
Diane Musho Hamilton, Zen Teacher at Two Arrows Zen, author of Everything is Workable and Compassionate Conversations

Bodhisattvas, come and get your meal! Once again, Tenzo (head cook) Myoho Gabrysch at Zen River Temple serves us a feast of nourishing and mouthwatering recipes from her Western Zen kitchen. Her Zen heart shines through in her versatile use of ingredients, the beauty of the meal presentations, and the care for the people whose bodies and minds she nourishes. Her stories and recipes – creative, simple, and tasty – arise from her keen attention to the ingredients at hand. I am inspired by the joy and sheer delight of discovery and creativity that permeates her kitchen.
Whether you are cooking for yourself, a family, or a community, you need this cookbook!
– Roshi Wendy Egyoku Nakao, Head Teacher, Zen Center of Los Angeles, USA

Tammy Myoho has given us another beautiful cookbook. She is meticulous in testing her recipes, so we know that in our kitchen they will work well and that in our dining room, they will be enjoyed by everyone. The photos of the dishes are beautiful and nourishing to the eye. Her love for tasty, healthy food shines through the entire book. Whether you are feeding a family or a large gathering, these recipes will bring variety, inspiration and joy to your cooking.
– Jan Chozen Bays, Roshi, MD, Co-abbot, Great Vow Monastery, Oregon, USA; author of Mindful Eating and The Vow-Powered Life

Tammy Myoho’s first Zen River Cookbook was a wonderful gift to individual cooks and those folk running kitchens in many Zen centres and other spiritual communities. Her accessible and yet intriguing recipes invited an appetizing wish to make them. Her second volume Recipes From a Western Zen Temple widens this approach. It includes recipes from her travels in Asia and South America and food inspired by her UK childhood. Furthermore, along with the movement towards plant-based foods, she now offers many vegan recipes alongside vegetarian ones. The recipe titles too will tempt you: Umami Bomb Beans and Happy Snappy Sesame Dressing. Wonderful!
The recipes have been developed, as Myoho says, from putting Zen practice wholeheartedly into the kitchen. In keeping with this, she helpfully outlines the Zen principles of the Three Minds, Three Virtues, five colours, and six tastes that underlie her approach to cooking and to managing a busy kitchen. Myoho ends her introduction to the book with the words “I hope that these earth-friendly recipes will help lift the spirits and nourish the soul of all beings.”
I wholeheartedly concur.
– Dave Keizan Scott, Zen teacher at Stonewater Zen Sangha, food and travel writer, and restaurateur.

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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published (11 April 2022)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 312 pages
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8446798308
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 20.32 x 1.88 x 25.4 cm / 8 x 0.74 x 10 inches
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  • 180 Recipes with colour illustrations
  • Price : $47 paperback / $26 Kindle at Amazon store fronts

First edition.
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