Lentil Bake with a Fresh Tomato Sauce

“Bakes” were the thing to cook back in our student days. We often made them for parties or family gatherings. At the time I chose lentils instead of nuts because not only were we nuts about stretching our student grant as far as it could go (nuts seemed expensive) but also preserving our waistlines. This long-forgotten recipe came flooding back as I […]

Shitake Mushroom Heaven

Whenever we have Japanese guests to cook for, a switch in my brain turns on. I suddenly remember the dishes we’ve been served in Japan, or the recipes I’ve had the occasion to make in the temples where we stayed. The odd thing is when our guests leave, the switch turns off and I can hardly remember how to make anything […]

Lemon Chinese with Tempeh

Whenever I ordered “Lemon Tofu” in a Chinese restaurant, it was never quite as lemony as I had hoped for. So one day I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own. So here it is. A tangy Lemon Sauce with ginger and five spice, tossed through a melange of colourful vegetables and paired […]