Chocolate Cherry Vegan Cake

After a few try-outs to make a chocolate cake sans dairy and eggs, this could be a keeper because after the morning coffee-break I found a mystery note lying on the kitchen counter that read; Later someone was surprised to hear it was egg and dairy-free as she thought those kind of cakes can sometimes […]

How to Press a Lemon

Duh, sounds obvious doesn’t it? Apparently not. Having studied the throngs of people passing through the Zen River kitchen who have squeezed lemons during kitchen prep I began to wonder why one lemon produces more juice than another in spite of them being the same size and from the same batch? After paying attention I […]

Quinoa Okayu

Technically this is not really Okayu  (お粥 Japanese for rice-gruel) but it is a nice name for a porridge. Quinoa Okayu easy to make, doesn’t take too long to cook, and has a lovely texture. Some may recall similar recipes in the ZRC made with rice or a little amaranth, but I thought it was […]