Due to the current lockdown in place throughout The Netherlands until April 12th 2021, all events will be safely streamed online using the Zoom app and YouTube. If you are interested in joining in-person for a month or longer, please contact the office.
Every morning during service, we chant and pray that things will change for the better soon, for everyone. Take care, and stay safe.

Online Community Practice

First and foremost, we would like to extend our heartfelt wishes to those working on the front-line, and for a speedy recovery to anyone affected by the coronavirus. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

During this unprecedented time, zazen meditation can be a beautiful tool to calm and ground the mind during this current crisis. We have heard from many sangha members that staying connected online and allowing the silent atmosphere of the Zendo to come into their homes has been very beneficial.

Below are ways you can join the Zen River community both online or in-person. Your participation will also help Zen River through these difficult times.

Of course, we miss your physical presence and look forward to welcoming you here! Needless to say, we miss you all.

Monthly O-Membership

With monthly O-membership, community members can receive in-depth training at home and join the Saturday afternoon Right-speech Zoom class and Sunday study class with Tenkei Roshi, and the River of Zen class with Myoho Roshi and Doin Sensei. Your monthly contribution will also help Zen River to continue its activities during this critical time. All the links with accompanying texts for live-stream events, and arrangements to join the dokusan line are hosted within the Slack App.

O-Membership Schedule

Right Speech Class Saturday 16:30 via Zoom 
Sunday Study Class Sunday 11:30 via YouTube
River of Zen Monday 20:10 via YouTube
(During sesshin, 11:30 Study Class instead)
DokusanBy appointment, weekly via Skype, Zoom
or Messenger
Zoom ZazenSaturday, during regular schedule; 6:50 – 8:00
(During weekend sesshin; 6:00)
Sun-Wed, 06:00 – 08:00
Saturday- Wednesday, 19:30
Late Morning ServiceThursday & Friday (non-sesshin) 9:00 via Zoom
See the Calendar of Events
Contributions See Contributions

Residential Training & Sesshins

Zen River is in the process of safely re-opening to members.
We can currently accommodate up to twelve persons at one time who must observe physical distancing. Each person, or persons from the same household, will have their own room.

For those joining in-person, we observe physical distancing of 1.5 metres for the first ten (continuous) days, after which you can join the residential/household group. There is space enough for everyone in the zendo. However, when moving between the zendo and hatto, physical-distancing participants can use the outdoor path to the front door that follows the old wing. Plus, for now, we ask participants to refrain from chanting during services when held indoors.

Participants are requested to bring their own supply of face-masks for during oryoki meals.

Outdoor coffee and tea service for physical-distancing participants during the summer monthlong sesshin

The above information is subject to change, depending on how things develop. Notifications will be included in Zen River email updates.


Members and newcomers can also join Zen River for O-sesshins from the safety of their homes. In spite of the time difference, people from as far away as the west coast of the US have joined the O-sesshins and can catch up with any of the programmes via the dedicated Youtube channel. Participants can actively join Dharma talks and study classes by using the live chat function on YouTube and will receive dokusan on a regular basis. Doin Sensei will create a virtual dokusan line in the Zoom App during the afternoon and evening zazen. Your turn will be notified in advance by email.