Zen River Temple in early spring, seen from the east side

Zen River Temple in spring, seen from the west side

Temple gate in winter & summer

The Hatto, ceremonial hall with main Buddha statue

Shumidan (main altar) with Maezumi Roshi memorial service set-up

Main Buddha statue

Zendo in south garden (Photo by Merlin Daleman)

Zendo, seen from the south-east

Zendo interior

Manjushri statue


Kinhin (Walking Meditation)

Kaisando, ancestors’ room, with special altar (Butsudan) for Maezumi Roshi

Junyu Kuroda Roshi performs Eye-opening ceremony for Ususama Myōō (bathroom guardian)

Oryoki, formal meal in Zendo

Hossenshiki ceremony with Hoitsu Suzuki Roshi as Jokeshi (official witness)

After Hossenshiki with Daikyoshis Otani Roshi and Kuroda Roshi

Inauguration of remodeled Hatto by Junyu Kuroda Roshi, May 5th, 2012

Inauguration of the Zendo by Ven. Masters Cheng Xin and Ke Xiang, May 5th, 2012

‘Place where Buddhas are selected’


Right Speech Class

Right speech class

Dharma talk

Teisho by Seido Suzuki Roshi, abbot of Toshoji, Okayama, Japan

Hossenshiki with Seido Suzuki Roshi as Jokeshi

The library

The dining room

The kitchen

The kobaian, dokusan hut

Bedrooms are double, each equipped with washbasin and mirror, bedside lights, small desk and cupboards. Showers and toilets are located on each hallway.

Outdoor retreat on Wadden Sea island

Reception office

Wood shop

Young Minds Seminar

Bodhisattva raft, theater play during family week

Group picture of international sangha after Hossenshiki

Western view from Zen River

Zen Boat, Groningen

Zendo opening ceremony at the Zen Boat

Zen Boat Sangha Room