#July 2–7, Young Minds Seminar
#July 9–14, Gyōji Week
#July 23–August 20, Summer Month Long

Events at Zen River Temple 2022

May 21–26Falling Flowers Sesshin, 5-day
May 22Lecture with Layne Little, Salt Lake City
May 28Yamamoto Roshi Zoom Teisho, Japan
June 4–9Gyōji Week
June 5Talk with Rev. Hojun Szpunar, Japan
June 17–19Weekend Sesshin
June 25Yamamoto Roshi Zoom Teisho, Japan
July 2–7Young Minds Seminar
July 9 –14Gyōji Week
July 23–August 20Summer Month Long
July 23–28Sesshin Part 1, 5-day
July 30–August 4Sesshin Part 2, 5-day
August 4Shuso Hossenshiki
August 6–11Sesshin Part 3, 5-day
August 13Taiko workshop with Marco Lienhard
August 13–20Sesshin Part 4, 7-day
September 10–11Intro Weekend
September 10–15Gyōji Week
September 16–18Weekend Sesshin
September 2520-year anniversary celebration
October 8–13Gyōji Week
October 22–27Falling Leaf Sesshin, 5-day
November 5–10Gyōji Week
WINTER ANGO 2022–2023
November 19–26Rohatsu Sesshin, 7-day
December 10–15Gyōji Week
December 27–January 1New Year Sesshin, 5-day

Events at the Zen Boat

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Events at other locations

June 15–19Holterberg, Sesshin Kanzeon Rotterdam, led by Jifu Sensei
June 30–July 3Holterberg, Sesshin Zentrum Utrecht, led by Senko Sensei