Everyone is welcome to join online membership. It allows for online participation in zazen and services, as well as two two study classes. A special Right Speech Class with Tenkei Roshi is set up exclusively for online members. Online dokusan (private interview with Tenkei Roshi) can be arranged by appointment. Please consult the O-membership schedule below to see when these activities occur.

All Dharma talks are recorded, so those members who are unable to join in real time can watch them later on the dedicated Zen River YouTube channel. All links with accompanying Dharma texts for study classes, and arrangements to join the online dokusan line are hosted within the Slack App.

O-Membership Schedule

Right Speech ClassSaturday 16:30 via Zoom
Sunday Study Class Sunday 11:30 via YouTube
River of Zen ClassMonday 20:10 via YouTube
(During longer sesshins, 11:30 Study Class instead)
Zazen and ServicesSunday evening, 19:30 – 21:15 via Zoom
DokusanWeekly via Skype, Zoom
or Messenger. Make an appointment via the Slack app.
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