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Telephone: +31 (0)595 – 435039


Zen River
Oldörpsterweg 3
9981 NL  Uithuizen
Telephone: +31 (0)595 – 435039
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Zen River can be easily reached by train. It is a 20-minute walk from the Uithuizen train station.

What to Bring

A pair of indoor slippers and outdoor shoes. (Indoor slip-on shoes are most handy.)
Fleece sweater, or other warm clothing.
Appropriate attire for sitting meditation; robes, samue or modest, long-sleeved, dark coloured top with shirt-style collar and long, loose dark-coloured trousers. (Please no T-shirts, plunging necklines or shorts.)
Alarm Clock.
Bedding is provided, but you can bring your own if you wish.
Rough clothing for garden/cleaning work.Hot water bottle in winter (suggestion! Also good to relieve knee pain during sesshin).


Follow the schedule and be on time for all activities.
Be considerate of others while talking & maintain silence when requested.
Participate in all samu and cleaning jobs.
Leave no traces either in communal areas or personal space.
Show respect to those senior and consideration to those junior in training.
To not be intoxicated by alcohol or by any other substance.
Appreciate all utilities as precious commodities and treat them as such.
To not draw unnecessary attention to oneself.
Respect the training methods used at this temple.
Notify the jisha/attendant or one of the monitors for any unexpected absence from the schedule.

Contributions 2021

Online practiceContribution
Study classes, Right Speech Class, Dokusan €25,00
In-Person ParticipationContribution
Gyōji ScheduleFirst-day €45,00
Following days, p/day €40,00  
Week €250,00
Month €800,00
SesshinWeekend sesshin €145,00
5-day sesshin€270,00
7-day sesshin €375,00
Summer monthlong€1000,00
Events Intro Weekend €95,00
Young Minds Seminar (Sat. – Thurs.)€170,00
Calligraphy Workshop with Kaz Tanahashi €225,00
Residential trainingFirst 3 months, p/month €800,00
months 3 – 6, p/month €650,00  
After 6 months, p/month   €570,00
Residential includes training, room, board & lodging.   New residents are reviewed at the end of the third, sixth & twelfth month.
Evening ProgramIntroduction €12,50
Weekly membership    €12,50
Monthly membership, online and in-person   €45,00
Monthly O-membership (online only)€25,00
Sunday public service and zazen Free
Monthly membership includes Sunday Study classes, River of Zen Class, Sunday and Tuesday evening zazen, & dokusan by request. For more info on the online membership programme, please visit this page  

Payment Information

Bank Transfer

Bank account number (IBAN): NL72 TRIO 0212 4970 30
Account name: ‘Zen River’
Bank name: Triodos Bank
Bank address:
   Triodos Bank N.V. (Head Office)
   Nieuweroordweg 1
   3704 EC Zeist
   The Netherlands

Since Zen River Temple has been awarded ANBI status – as an organization whose efforts are focused on and committed to the public benefit  – all donations and contributions are tax deductible within the Netherlands, and possibly in some other countries too.


To donate, simply click on the PayPal button which will direct you to the PayPal website or use the PayPal QR code.