Monthly O-Membership

First and foremost, we would like to extend our heartfelt wishes to those working on the front-line, and for a speedy recovery to anyone affected by the coronavirus. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

During this unprecedented time, zazen meditation can be a beautiful tool to calm and ground the mind during this current crisis. We have heard from many sangha members that staying connected online and allowing the silent atmosphere of the Zendo to come into their homes has been very beneficial.

Membership allows us to connect with the Zen River community both online, or in-person when regulations allow. Your participation will also help Zen River through these difficult times.

Active members can receive in-depth training at home, share zazen and services, and join classes several days a week.

At 16:30 CET on Saturday afternoons there is the Right-Speech Zoom class. This class revolves around a theme, and participants can either share their thoughts or simply listen. Tenkei Roshi responds with helpful Dharma words and summarizes the class at the end. All members are welcome to join. This event is not recorded!

On Sundays, a late morning study class is led by Tenkei Roshi. During this class, everyone reads through a text and is invited to share what inspires them the most in the text, with a response from the teacher.

Monday evenings, there is the River of Zen class with Myoho Roshi or Doin Sensei. These talks are based on excerpts from Anthology 2 and give a good overview of Buddhism throughout the ages.

All the Dharma talks are recorded, so if you are unable to join in real-time, you can watch it later on the dedicated YouTube channel. If by chance there is a wifi error during the talk, audio files are available to listen too by request.

Tuesday evening is for Zoom-Zazen. Some of the residents will be joining using their phones.

Tenkei Roshi also offers dokusan on a weekly basis to all members.

Membership includes Weekend Sesshins, and a talk on Saturday and Sunday. If there is a longer sesshin, you will be invited to participate in talks other than the ones scheduled.

All the links with accompanying texts for live-stream events, and arrangements to join the dokusan line are hosted within the Slack App. Doin Sensei will send out an email at the start of each month which will share alerts and reminders.

Below is listed the schedule of events.

Membership is €45 per month. You can also simply try it out for a month at a time as your own schedule permits!

O-Membership Schedule

Right Speech Class Saturday 16:30 via Zoom 
Sunday Study Class Sunday 11:30 via YouTube
River of Zen Monday 20:10 via YouTube
(During longer sesshins, 11:30 Study Class instead)
DokusanBy appointment, weekly via Skype, Zoom
or Messenger
Zoom ZazenSunday and Tuesday 19:30 – 21:15 via Zoom
Dawn zazen & service Sat – Wed. 06:00 – 08:00 via YouTube or Zoom
Evening program Sat – Wed. at 19:30 via YouTube
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Contributions See Contributions