In the realm of emptiness size doesn’t matter. The whole universe fits easily into a grain of rice. That also means that even a tiny glimpse of emptiness can have huge effects. I came to think of this again when contemplating a small meteorite stone sitting amidst the massive blocks of granite that make up ancient Inca walls in Cusco, Peru. Those big rocks fit together so perfectly that they do not leave any gap. Yet it is said that such a little stone is indispensable – without it, the whole wall would fall apart.

The world is so full nowadays and often feels disjointed. It is hard to give each other enough breathing space. And yet, there is plenty of emptiness. If more people were able to realize that, we could all feel connected and supported by each other. The Inca walls in Peru have been standing there for thousands of years and they are still vividly alive. I have never seen stones breathing in and out so beautifully. So, are we ready to be the little one? The effect may be far beyond what anyone can ever comprehend.

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  1. Here in the US there is so much anger and discord right now, it often feels as if there is nothing I can do to make a meaningful difference. Thanks for the reminder that even small stones can sit like mountains.

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