Dear friends,

We hope that you are healthy and well and wish you all the Dharma inspiration you need in these challenging times. Perhaps more than ever we can appreciate being able to take refuge in the Three Treasures.

At Zen River, the practice programme continues with the resident community and up to a maximum of ten other participants who have to observe physical distancing. It took some time to get used to this new format, but we are happy to see that it doesn’t seem to lessen the quality of the programme. We just regret that more people can’t participate.

In general, it would be easiest if participation by our members were more spread out over the year. So we would like to remind you that you are welcome to join us not only for sesshin but also for the regular daily schedule. The latter option has proven to be especially interesting for those who attend for a longer period because they can merge with the residential community after ten days of physical distancing.

Sesshins are, of course, popular for their intense focus. But the rhythm of the daily schedule can certainly help to broaden that focus and let it shine onto all everyday activities. Moreover, the daily schedule has its own advantages: it allows more individual study time as well as social interaction, and also features classes that are not part of the sesshin schedule – such as the Sutra Reading Class and the Right Speech Class.

In the meantime, the online programme is well attended. Many people have signed up for a monthly subscription that gives access to live-streamed activities in the Zendo and the Hatto, Dharma talks on Sundays and Mondays, a Right Speech Class over Zoom on Saturdays, and dokusan over various media upon request. Sesshins can also be attended online. Please contact the office for more information.

Last but not least, you may have heard that Hojo-san (Junyu Kuroda Roshi) had to undergo surgery for prostate cancer and it looked like there were further complications. However, the operation has been very successful, and the intake of medication may suffice for now. We pray for his well-being and wish him a swift recovery.

As for the upcoming special events, after the weekend sesshin on September 18–20 (fully booked), next is a Rakusu Sewing Weekend October 2–4 (two places available), and the Falling Leaves Sesshin of October 17–22.

Take good care.
               C  A  L  E  N  D  A  R

             FALL INTERIMSeptember 18–20   Weekend SesshinOctober 2–4             Rakusu Sewing WeekendOctober 17–22         Falling Leaves Sesshin             WINTER ANGONovember 21–28    Rohatsu SesshinDec.27– Jan.1          New Year’s Sesshin

             ZEN BOAT GRONINGENZazenkai on October 3, Oct. 31, and Dec.  5Study classes, Zazen, and Daisan online, see Zen Boat page       A T    O T H E R    L O C A T I O N SSept. 20         Wageningen, Zen Zondag, led by Senko SenseiSept. 26–27  Nijmegen, Sesshin at Oshida, led by Jifu SenseiDec. 6             Wageningen, Zen Zondag, led by Jifu Sensei