Study classes and Dharma Talks by Tenkei Roshi are being recorded. There are two options to stay up-to-date with the teachings for those who cannot attend:

Full subscription with download access to all dharma talks and study classes; €25 per month (or €250 per year)

Subscription to download two selected dharma talks or study classes per month; €12,50 per month (or €125 per year)

Audio recordings

Guided Meditations (2008-2017; MP3 CD or download) €15
On the 16 Precepts (2006; 30 dharma talks on 2 MP3 CDs or download) €50
Sutra Chanting (Daily Services, Kanromon, Fusatsu; audio CD or download) €10

For all order enquiries, please contact +31 (0)595-435039