Hand Tailored Meditation Supplies

Ranka du Hullu Sensei, head seamstress of the Atelier with assistance from Jyokun and Jisho


Zafu: Black. One Size. 28cm x 19cm. With buckwheat filling (meditatiekussen)


Zabuton: Black. one size. 75 x 96cm (meditatiemat)

Pill-box Style Zafu, Support Cushions

Round zafu & support cushions


Juban: White


Kimono, tailored to fit: White or subdued color, shown with elasticated obi


Koromo, tailored to fit.

Monks Bag

Monks bag
Monks bag

Rakusu Bags

Rakusu bag with coloured lining

Altar Cloths

Altar cloths – variable sizes, single or double lined

Teachers Mokoran Rakusu

Teacher’s rakusu in mokoran (brown) with matching rakusu bag. Two sewing styles to choose from and with or without Soto-style ring
Available brocades for ceremonial rakusu (senior teachers)

Lay Robe

Samue Jacket & Trousers


Elasticated waistband with velcro fastening for securing your kimono.

Rakusu Kit

Pre-cut pieces for sewing your own rakusu. Ring & instructions included.

Atelier price list

Zafu €40
Zabuton €45
Zafu zabuton set €80
Juban €45
Kimono €85
Obi €15
Lay robe €175
Set of Juban, Kimono, Obi & Lay robe €275
Samue €135
Rakusu Kit with hand crafted ring €40
Rakusu bag €25
Black Rakusu €135
Teacher’s Rakusu, colored / brocade €175 – €195
Koromo €350
Shukin €35
Set of Juban, Kimono, Obi, Koromo & Shukin €500
Okesa- and Zagu-kit €150
Okesa, machine stitched €325
Teacher’s Okesa, machine stitched €425
Okesa, hand stitched upon request
Zagu, machine stitched €60
Teacher’s Zagu, machine stitched €75
Zagu, hand stitched €120
Okesa bag €30
Oryoki wrapping cloth set €25
Altar cloth, small €20
Monk’s Bag €30
All prices exclusive of shipping
Please allow some time for completion of made-to-measure items
Order through atelier@zenrivertemple.org or tel.nr. +31 (0)595-435039