Guests from the Longquan Great Compassion Monastery in Utrecht


Nuns and members from the Longquan Great Compassion Monastery in Utrecht joined our New Years Sesshin for a full day of practice. Welcome!
They were very interested in learning how to use oryoki and attended the formal meals served in the zendo
During the afternoon one of the senior nuns gave a very nice report of her life and practice. It showed again how much we have in common.

 Seminar at Longquan Great Compassion Monastery, Utrecht


Tenkei Roshi was among the speakers at the first anniversary seminar held at Longquan Great Compassion Monastery in Utrecht

Part of the presentation included the rap performed by Taidō Darville on ‘The Profound Pivot of the Contemplation of Mind’ (觀心玄樞[一卷], Guanxin Xuanshu) by Yongming Yanshou (永明延壽).

 Shiho For Ranka du Hullu


On December 11th, 2016 Ingrid Ranka de Hullu received Shiho (dharma transmission) from Tenkei Roshi. Daniel Taigen Leighton, who came over from the US to conduct a wonderful seminar on Hongzhi, served as Kyojushi (official witness). Altogether a very happy event for the whole sangha.

Visit Zen River Lima, Peru


Tenkei Roshi & Tammy, along with Hojosan and Shugetsu, were invited by Jorge Ryusho Sensei and the Zen River Lima group to visit Peru. It included the Eye-opening Ceremony by Hojo-san of the Manjushri statue in their new zendo and a Jukai Ceremony by Roshi for nine enthusiastic members. They also had the wonderful opportunity to visit Cusco and Machu Pichhu.

Visiting Lecturer from Japan, Shobun Watanabe Roshi


Rev. Shobun Watanabe, a native of Fukushima, lectured on the theme of mutual understanding and cooperation; he gave a moving account of how the survivors of the 2011 earthquake in his prefecture, that was followed by a tsunami and the meltdown of a nuclear reactor, worked together to cope with the horrific consequences.
Watanabe Roshi was accompanied by Rev. Togen Moss (left) from the Paris Soto office, and Rev. Hojun (right) from Poland, as translator

 Zuisse for Shugetsu & Ryushin


Congratulations to Ingrid Shugetsu Appels who completed Zuisse at Sojiji on November 19th. Coincidentally, Konrad Ryushin Marchaj from New York participated in the same ceremony, which was attended by several familiar faces! Hojosan and Yodo-san from Kirigayaji;Seido Roshi and Eisho-san from Toshoji; Jinen from the USA; and our good friend Koichi-san and his daughter Yuriko from Keisho-in.

Fall Jukai Ceremony


Klaus Hokan 放閑 (unlocked, open all the time) Fadle received Jukai during the Fall sesshin. Congratulations!

Fall in Full Swing


Fall at Zen River came with vibrant colours and crisp air. Perfect for sesshin.

Interview with Tenkei Roshi


Tenkei Roshi was interviewed by Rev. Xianqing, deputy abbot of the Beijing Longquan Great Compassion Monastery 龍泉大悲寺, during the festive opening of the Longquan Great Compassion Temple in Utrecht last year. Click here to read it on their website.

Funeral ceremony for Koren Sensei


The funeral ceremony for Koren Sensei was very moving; she obviously had touched the hearts of many people.

Half of her ashes were buried in the Buddha grove behind the Zendo; The other half Gakudo Sensei will bury at Keiryuji in the Pyrenees.

Wedding Ceremony for Kim Ninkei Millenaar & Bart Genko Oosting


Congratulations to Kim Ninkei Millenaar & Bart Genko Oosting, who made their wedding vows during a special wedding ceremony officated by Tenkei Roshi at Zen River. Congratulations! (Photo: ‘De Bekroning’)

Jukai Ceremony for Reinier Kaido Nummerdor


Congratulations to Reinier Kaido (開道 Open Way) Nummerdor, who received Jukai on September 24, 2016

Visit Shunsei-san and Tomoko-san from Mantokuji


Shunsei-san, who stayed at Zen River two years ago, came to visit wwith his mother Tomoko-san. Their family temple is Mantokuji located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Lay Shuso Hossenshiki for Joost Fushin Blom


Congratulations to Joost Fushin Blom, who completed the shusohossenshiki ceremony with flying colours!

In Memoriam Anjo Koren Kasman (1956–2016)


We are very sad to announce that our dearest Anjo Koren Kasman Sensei departed from this world on Monday August 22. Her Dharma name Koren means ‘Shining Lotus’ and we have all seen how she manifested that quality beautifully, even when she had to face a slowly progressing but incurable form of cancer. In fact, just a few weeks ago she said that there was a certain clarity in her mind that she knew would never go. We pray that she may have a swift passage to her next destination. Many people wrote memorial poems.

Guest speaker Rev. Yusho Sasaki


Rev. Yusho Sasaki gave a very interesting lecture on the legend and myth of the Sixth Patriarch.

Family Week


Family Week concluded with a lovely song & dance performance by the children, with the painting exhibition as a backdrop.

Third Asian Festival of Buddhist Culture, Thailand


Robert Doin vd Roer was present at the Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He was invited to do a short chant during this Buddhist Culture Festival.

Visit Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams


Thanks to the invitation of Ciska Matthes, Zen River was happy to welcome Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams.
Rev. Angel gave an inspiring talk about her work and writings.

Brush Workshop with Kaz Tanahashi

10-12 2016

Seminar Retreat with Hojo-san, Yamamoto Roshi & Azuma Roshi


Hojosan officiated the eye-opening for the new effigies of Dogen Zenji and Keizan Zenji
Lecture by Azuma Roshi
Teisho by Yamamoto Roshi
Azuma Roshi presented with a small gift of delft blue at the end of his visit

Jukai Ceremony


Marijke Ringu凛宮 (Dignified Palace) van de Meent, Deasy Junrei 純 霊 (Pure Spirit) Sanchez, Michiel Juten 受展 (Receive and Spread) van den Berge, Eelco Shido 志道 (Determination for the Way) Prak, Tilmann Shuken修権 (Mastering Balance) Kraemer, Rombout Kengan 賢 眼 (Wisdom Eye) Schipper, Karel Taiho 泰宝(Peace Treasure) Eringa

Buddha Bathing Festival & Conference at Longquan Great Compassion Monastery, Utrecht


Senko Sensei gave a short presentation of the activities at Zen River Temple
May 17, 2016 – Senko Sensei, Shorin and Shinýu joined the first Buddha Bathing ceremony held at the Chinese Buddhist Temple in Utrecht.

The New Garden Shed


May 2, 2016: Making use the of the dry weather, all hands were on deck to paint the new garden shed

Jukai Ceremony and Sakura Spring Sesshin 2016


At the end of Sakura Spring Sesshin, after Jukai ceremony
Congratulations to Kim Ninkei (仁恵 Loving Kindness) Millenaar and Bart Genko (玄光 Black Light) Oosting on receiving Jukai.

Zazenkai Madrid


Thursday Public talk at Como Sur, Madrid – “How To Live A Zen Life”
Saturday Zazenkai with Zen River Madrid Group

Classes in Groningen

Contribution: €25 for 4 evenings, or €7,50 per evening

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Winter 2016
January 9 Hengelo, “Zen in Twente” led by Doin Sensei
January 22–24 Weekend Sesshin
January 30–31 ‘Young Rivers’ Weekend
February 6 Intro Zazenkai
February 7 & 8 Madrid, Sangha Gathering with Myoho Sensei
February 13–20 Ango Closing Sesshin
February 20 Shuso Hossenshiki for Thijs Shin’yu Roest
Spring 2016
March 5 Hengelo, “Zen in Twente” led by Senko Sensei
March 12 Düsseldorf, Zazenkai led by Daishin Sensei
March 18–20 Weekend Sesshin
April 2–3 Nijmegen, Weekend Sesshin ‘Zengroep Oshida’ led by Senko Sensei
April 16 Hengelo, “Zen in Twente” led by Senko Sensei
April 16 Madrid Zazenkai led by Tenkei Roshi
April 23–28, 5 nights Sakura Spring Sesshin
Summer 2016
May 20–24 May Seminar Retreat

with Azuma Roshi & Yamamoto Roshi

May 27 Hengelo, “Zen in Twente” led by Senko Sensei
June 4 Intro Zazenkai
June 10–12 Calligraphy Workshop with Kaz Tanahashi
June 16 Teisho Den Haag
June 24–26 Weekend Sesshin
June 25 Hengelo, “Zen in Twente” led by Senko Sensei
July 3 Lecture by Angel Kyodo Williams
July 16–21 Family Week
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August 27 Shuso hossenshiki
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September 10 Hengelo, “Zen in Twente” led by Jifu Sensei
September 17 Zazenkai
September 23–25 Weekend Sesshin
October 1-2 Nijmegen, Weekend Sesshin ‘Zengroep Oshida’ led by Jifu Sensei
October 3 Düsseldorf, Zazenkai led by Daishin Sensei
October 22–27 Autumn Jukai Sesshin
November 5 Zen River Lima Opening Ceremony by Hojo-san
November 11–13 Jukai, Conference, Zazenkai in Lima (Peru)
November 17 Teisho Den Haag
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NOV. 19 – FEB. 18, 2017 WINTER ANGO
November 19 – 26 Rohatsu Sesshin
November 20 Talk by Sojun Watanabe Roshi
December 3, 10 & 17 Telecourse @ Two Arrows Zen
December 9–11 Shiho Ranka de Hullu
December 10–11 Seminar by Taigen Leighton
December 27- January 1 2017 New Year Sesshin