These are strange times, and the River of Zen has been going through many highs and lows. Good luck and bad luck seem to alternate in quick succession. But usually the conclusion is a good one. Last year’s sudden sewage drama first looked like being totally unmanageable financially. Nevertheless, it took only a few weeks for the fundraiser to soar. Thanks to your generosity, the whole affair could be dealt with much more quickly than anybody could have foreseen. And the toilets – and those who use them – have never been happier.
As most of you know, not long ago there were once again some serious earthquakes in the north of Groningen caused by drilling for gas. And, once again, our temple was not spared. That is the bad news. The good news is that we managed to make a convincing photo inventory of the damage, and our claims in the resulting report were quickly accepted by the governmental institute that handles these claims. This means that we received compensation, with which all earthquake damage can be repaired professionally.
This good news also means that we can turn our eyes to the renovation of the windows again. As I see it, if the temple is the body of the Buddha, then the windows are the eyes of Kanzeon. Zen River is blessed with many windows that allow a generous view over the endless Groningen fields. Over the years, many of them have been repaired already and/or replaced by double-glazed windows. But there are still several left that desperately beg for attention, particularly the ones of the library and the south-facing old-wing rooms.
We hope to be able to replace four or five old and worn-out windows this time, which is half the number that still needs doing. Our personal contractor Klaas de Boer is happy to take on the project and estimated that it would probably add up to around €9,000.
As you may understand already, any contribution great or small to this timely renovation is more than welcome. Many thanks in advance.

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Alternatively you can donate via the Zen River Temple Facebook page