This year we would like to ask your attention for a simple – but urgent – renovation. The boilers in the new wing that heat up the water for the showers and hand-basin taps are in bad shape and quite often fail to perform. Part of the problem is that the system needs an exhaust opening in the outside wall. Heavy winds blow exhaust gasses back into that opening and extinguish the flame that ignites the boiler. Different measures have been taken but with no lasting success. The boilers themselves have also had their day and are ready to be retired. They have been working since before we moved into the property.After some serious investigation, experts from the Jansen Installation Company – which has renovated much of the energy systems at Zen River – concluded that the best option would be a hot-water buffer vessel that is served by a heat pump and electricity only. Such a boiler is not only more ecologically sound because it draws heat out of the outside air (!), it also doesn’t need any gas, which is getting more and more expensive these days as well as causing all kinds of problems (earthquakes, subsidence and CO2 emissions). Moreover, it doesn’t require an exhaust opening like the one we have now.So, in order to keep our sangha neat and clean with reliably warm shower water, we would like to ask your support for purchasing and installing this new boiler. Altogether we will need about €9,000 to make it all happen. All contributions, great and small, are highly appreciated.

Thank you!

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