Hand-Tailored Meditation Supplies


Zafu: Black. One Size. 28cm x 19cm. With buckwheat filling (meditatiekussen)


Zabuton: Black. one size. 75 x 96cm (meditatiemat)

Pill-box Style Zafu, Support Cushions

Round zafu & support cushions

Rakusu Kit

Pre-cut pieces for sewing a rakusu. Ring & instructions included.

Atelier price list

Zafu zabuton set€80
 Rakusu Kit with handcrafted ring€40
All prices exclusive of shipping
Order through atelier@zenrivertemple.org or tel.nr. +31 (0)595-435039

If you wish to use PayPal for the Shop or Atelier transactions, please contact office@zenrivertemple.org. A payment request will be sent to you via email. (An additional surcharge will be included for PayPal payments for shop and atelier items.)

For other Zen garments, like juban, kimono, koromo, and O-kesa etc., please visit www.ranka.nl. Ranka de Hullu, the former head-seamstress at Zen River Temple.