Tenzo Note 3: Random Acts of Kindness

It always surprises me how much we might take for granted in this fickle life – let alone the fact we even have one! For this reason, it’s comforting to occasionally show appreciation to those who offer a crucial service that keeps this fragile society intact and flowing. For instance; the bin men.

Around Christmas a few years ago we’d forgotten to wheel the rubbish bin (or trash can) out to the front. The pick-up schedule had changed so we’d missed it. Then the bin men suddenly appeared waving through the kitchen window wearing festive Christmas red and white bobble hats with bells on them. They’d walked up the long driveway – which is by no means a small feat when you’re in a rush – to pick up the bin and empty it!


The following week, feeling indebted to their random act of kindness, I baked them a cake, put it in a sealed container with some festive tinsel and “This is not rubbish! Thank you for your service :- )” written on top. In Dutch, of course.

The cake and container quietly disappeared and returned the next day left on the post box, empty.  (My fear that they would think it was rubbish proved unfounded after all!) We had no clue if they enjoyed it, or even how many people were sharing the cake; was it just the two or three guys on the lorry, or all the staff back at the depot?!

Since then, leaving a cake or a batch of muffins for the bin men is an almost monthly occurrence. Up until this day, we still don’t know who or how many enjoy it – but it is still returned the next day and left on the post box, empty. I guess it’s all part of the mystery and will remain so.

Sadly, this week is the last week they will pick up our rubbish bin, as the local government is privatising and we have to change providers. For sure we will bake the out-going bin men a big “Thank You” cake before they go!

Happy Christmas – or can I say wintermas – holidays!!

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Rock Cakes

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