Calendar of Events

Events At Zen River 2017-18

NOV. 25 – FEB. 24. 2018 WINTER ANGO
Nov. 25December 2 Rohatsu Sesshin
Dec. 27January 1, 2018 New Year Sesshin
January 1921 Weekend Sesshin
January 2728 Intro Weekend
February 3-4 Young Rivers Weekend
February 17–24 Ango Closing Sesshin
February 24 Shuso Hossenshiki for Myōgaku
March 23-25 Weekend Sesshin
April 22–27 Sakura Spring Sesshin
May 18–22 Sesshin with Yamamoto Roshi
TBA Open House
June 2-3 Intro Weekend
June 22–24 Weekend Sesshin
July 28–August 25 Summer Monthlong Sesshin
July 28–August 2 Part One
August 4–9 Part Two
August 11–16 Part Three
August 18–25 Part Four
August 25 Shuso Hossenshiki

Events At Other Locations

September 16 Hengelo, Zen in Twente led by Doin Sensei
September 1617 Nijmegen, Oshida, Weekend Sesshin led by Jifu Sensei
October 28 Hengelo, Zen in Twente led by Doin Sensei
November 1112 Düsseldorf City Sesshin led by Daishin Sensei
November 16 Teisho Den Haag, by Doin Sensei
November 1820 Lima Peru, Conference and Zazenkai led by Tenkei Roshi
December 2, 9 & 16 Two Arrows Zen, Three-part Telecourse with Tenkei Roshi
December 13 Wageningen, Public talk with Jifu Sensei
January 6, 2018 Hengelo, Zen in Twente led by Doin Sensei
February 34 Nijmegen, Oshida, Weekend Sesshin led by Senko Sensei
February 5 Madrid, Sangha Gathering led by Myoho Sensei
March 3 Hengelo, Zen in Twente
April 15 Madrid, Zazenkai Madrid led by Tenkei Roshi
April 28 Hengelo, Zen in Twente
May 26 Düsseldorf Zazenkai led by Daishin Sensei
June 9 Hengelo, Zen in Twente