Standing there with cabbage in hand, I was uncertain which kind of cole-slaw would complement the dish we were having – a main of spicy stir-fried rice with ginger and sesame. Somehow cole-slaw fixed with mayonnaise just didn’t cut it. After putting the question out into the open someone suggested peanuts. They remembered having a cabbage salad with […]

Orange, Olive Oil & Garlic Dressing

There’s a lovely restaurant in Groningen with a Southern Mediterranean kitchen called Moro. We were there recently nibbling on olives served marinated in what appeared to be simply olive oil, orange zest, and fresh garlic. As the flavours circulated my imagination I thought, ooh this might make a really nice salad dressing! The following week I gave […]

Sweet & Sour Pineapple Dressing

During sesshin not so long ago, lunch was going to be Chinese-style and a complementary salad dressing just wasn’t coming to mind. Maybe because the times we’ve been in Japan and China, fresh green salads were noticeably absent from the menu and the raw vegetables that did make their appearance were either lightly blanched, used as garnish or simply served as pickles. So it was […]