Mung Dal Savoury Pancakes

While playing with some alternatives to scrambled eggs someone asked if I’d ever heard of a mung bean pancake, as it might be a good substitute for omelette? A Korean friend of theirs had given them the recipe and they were not at all difficult. However, I was rather puzzled when my first attempt looked rather like a burger (more on that another […]

Mock Fish

I have a cookbook inherited from my grandmother; Tried Favourites Cookery Book With Household Hints and Other Useful Information by Mrs W. Kirk. It was first compiled in the 1920s and illustrates how to make everything from jam preserves to haggis, take care of invalids, clean your kitchen table with sand and how to rid your cupboard of damp using a […]

Tofu & Aubergine in a Tandoori Sauce

Fusing the elements of Zen-style cooking with familiar recipes is something I love to do. And curries are fun to fuse. In the UK there’s a long history of curries dating back to the 1800s, if not earlier – a legacy of the British colonials returning from India. (Let’s hope with the advent of Brexit we can keep our palates border-free.) No surprise […]

Chinese-style Broccoli & Tofu

After attending the opening of the Lonquan Buddhist Temple in Utrecht in December, we were invited to join lunch at the nearby Chinese restaurant. Rev. Xianda explained that the restaurant had never really cooked Buddhist vegetarian before, so they had brought in “a specialist” to come and help them. Temple-style vegetarian cuisine in China is quite […]

Red Enchilada Sauce with Apricots

Amazingly versatile, incredibly easy – make buckets of it and throw it over everything!  It’s quite spicy, so choose your chillies to the degree of heat you prefer. I love it spiced with smoked chilli chipotles – if you can get a hold of them. The other great thing about this type of sauce is that the ingredients are […]