Basmati Rice

It was always a mystery to me how everyone else’s basmati rice seemed to come out loose and fluffy? Our rice cooker and the absorption method never really did it justice. Sushi rice loves being sticky; basmati rice loves being free, and my basmati rice was looking decidedly stuck together. Ironically, on all the packages of white rice in the (Dutch) supermarkets, […]

Apricot Rice

We love rice. And not just any-old-white-rice either. Forget “boil in the bag” varieties. There are oh so many kinds of delicious rice. Long grain; short grain; brown; red; and black. Basmati; sushi; wild; sticky; and jasmine just to name a few. (There are apparently over 40,000 world-wide.) Each one has their own specific flavour and character, […]