Kasha Porridge

Buckwheat is what, healthy? Yes, it is. At least according to Wikipedia. It’s rich in B vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc and selenium. So if you tire of porridge oats (which did happen to me during Zen retreats when oats were the mainstay breakfast for many a sesshin) this is a lovely rich and earthy substitute with the added benefit of being gluten-free. Although it can be made with either, I like it cooked with water and (soy) milk. And as milk has a tendency to boil over, keep an eye on that heat!

Whole buckwheat roasting on the stove

165 g (1 cup) whole buckwheat groats
1 litre (4 cups) water 
½ litre (2 cups) milk, any kind

  • In a dry frying pan set over a medium flame, patiently roast the buckwheat groats for about five minutes, or until they turn a golden honey-colour. Keep stirring for an even roasting colour.
  • Bring the water or milk to a scant boil over a medium flame, drop in the roasted buckwheat, return to a boil and turn the flame low. Cover loosely to prevent boiling over and simmer for about 15—20 minutes, or until the buckwheat thickens to your desired consistency.
  • Serve with honey, chopped nuts, seeds, and ground cinnamon.

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